Risa Salsberg is available for commissions and illustration projects. If you are interested in featuring the work in your store, please contact for wholesale information. The artwork is available for galleries and exhibitions, editorial publications, film/set decoration, interior design projects and other creative possibilities. Please feel welcome to contact me with queries and questions. Risa also loves to hear your stories about the work, where the art travels and stories of how it inspires you… looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. gem
    June 17, 2013

    Hello Risa!
    What a wonderful new website. YaY!

  2. elaine
    June 24, 2013

    your website is wonderful, risa! i love how it is written and everything in it. there were many pieces i haven’t seen before – very inspiring. love, elaine

  3. fawn
    August 16, 2013

    How can i get the knitting lady?

  4. Risa
    August 18, 2013

    Lovely work

  5. Gloria Rosenberg
    September 20, 2013

    Hi Risa,
    This is Joan! I am looking at your beautiful cards with my mother. She would like to order 20 of them. Can she do that? Can you select 20 she would like and bill her? Or just call and get her VISA number (I am in Toronto until tomorrow but you can call her anytime).
    You are an amazing artist.
    Joan Rosenberg

  6. Laura
    January 20, 2014

    Hi Risa,

    I was walking by a store/wood workshop in Grandville Island a while ago and saw a picture of yours of a women looking at a moon. I believe it was on Japanese paper. I talked to the man today at the store and he gave me and my daughter your card. Just wondering if that picture is on display anywhere. Would love to have another look at it.


  7. Ruth Payne
    February 23, 2014

    Hello Risa,

    Someone gave me one of your delightful cards at Christmas.

    We sell cards in the gallery here and I am wondering if we could carry a few of yours? We have a small space but we sell very well.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    cheers, Ruth

  8. Navneet Nagra
    March 18, 2014

    Hello Risa,

    I am the Gallery Shop Coordinator for the Maple Ridge Art Gallery Shop. I would love very much to be able to carry your cards in our shop. I saw them at Soko Tea in Port Moody and I think they would make a great addition to our shop.

    We carry a variety of quality handmade goods including glass, wood, ceramics, textiles and jewelry.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care,

    Navneet Nagra

  9. Cristina Soto
    March 30, 2014

    Dear Risa,
    We met at end of February in 2012 on Hastings Street. It was a number of interlinked “coincidences” which culminated in a rainbow unfolding before us over Burnaby. I had seen your art in a 2nd hand store a few minutes before and recognized you walking down the street and asked if it was you… You were going to be cooking way up north soon. I spoke with you about an illustrated book I want to write about healing and wellness. I am spiralling slowly closer to that. It’s taking awhile because my own healing journey is requiring more focus and I am training in Healing Touch – hope to be certified this year in the fall; also doing environmental research. I was called to contact you again and see how you are, where you are, if we can meet up in Van if you’re there, to talk. I will be down end of May for a board meeting just in case. My e-mail is cgsoto17@gmail.com or you can Facebook me Cristina Soto in Smithers. Then I’ll send you a photo or friend you and you’ll hopefully recognize me :) All the best to you, “Laughter”

  10. Janis Magnuson
    May 6, 2014

    Hello Risa,

    This is actually a thank you message for your daughter, whose name I forgot to ask.

    Your daughter was very kind to me on Friday when I was the inadvertent recipient of flying glass from a broken bottle in the Art Gallery cafe.

    Your daughter was in front of me in the line and was very concerned about my well-being, as I sat with paper towels on my bleeding toe :)

    She came back to ask how I was doing, after I’d been bandaged up. And she gave me a gift – one of your cards – so I would remember good things from Friday, not just the crazy things.

    You have a very thoughtful and kind daughter.

    And … I really like your artwork!

    Sincerely, Janis

  11. claire gilmore
    May 28, 2014

    Hi Risa,
    My name is Claire, I actually think I met you in a workshop at radha vancouver a few years back. Recently I received an email from Swami Jyotihananda regarding stocking your art cards. I’m thinking of letting some local stores know about your work, I’m just wondering so I can tell them if they ask, how would it work – do you mail a selection of cards directly to them, or would you rather mail some to me and I could deliver to a few stores, or … ? Any info regarding how you deal with retailers would probably be helpful. I love your sweet imagery!
    Om Om

  12. joanie greenfield
    May 30, 2014

    Love your designs and would like to purchase cards on line or in the States.



  13. Peggy
    June 2, 2014

    Hi Risa,

    I love your work! My sister just had a baby girl and I was thinking of possibly getting one of your pieces as a gift. I am curious how much you charge for your original pieces that are more textured and not just the reprints and am wondering also if you ever do custom orders. I look forward to hearing back from you. I can be reached at pegoda@gmail.com or 604 442 1674.

    Thanks so much.


  14. Iain Marrs
    July 5, 2014

    hi Risa,
    here’s the website for Julie Flett


    hope those keys turned up and the VWtransporter is available for transports


  15. Charissa Pomrehn
    July 15, 2014

    Hello, Risa!

    I’m working with Binko at Kobo and would love to interview you for our blog, Life at Kobo. Would you be willing to shoot me an email back so I can send the questions?

    Thank you,

  16. Andy Smith
    July 31, 2014

    Hi Risa Andy here….thought this might be the best way to contact you. as you know it Daphne’s 50th birthday on August 27th… we will be in London for it. I would very much like to commission you to make me a birthday card for her which I can take with me on the 25th August.

    I had some ideas including

    ‘new beginnings’..
    the world of possibilities ahead
    some abstract reference to 50 I think
    hummingbirds and Joy

    I wonder what you think and if we could chat about it.

    604 782 1435.. today if possible as we are collecting the ‘Uke Mobile’ tomorrow. or…. if you text me your phone number I will call you when she is not around…



  17. Dawn Marusin
    August 6, 2014

    Dear Risa,

    First let me introduce myself. My name is Dawn Marusin and I am the new Visitor Services Coordinator for the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

    I understand we used to sell some of your cards and small prints in our Gallery Store. I am a big fan of your work and I would like to have it in the store again, if possible.

    I don’t know what our previous arrangement with you was but because we are a very small store we usually bring work into the store on consignment with the artist taking 60% and the gallery taking 40%.

    Please let me know if you are interested in placing some of your work with us.


  18. Sharan Nylander
    August 12, 2014

    I would love to have some of your original artwork here at Sooke Harbour House. Please let me know if that is possible. I would like to consign your art cards.

  19. Michael Graham
    August 13, 2014

    Well hell!
    I was at the coop in Nelson this evening and a stunning woman came up to me and gave me a smile that knocked me for a loop!
    And who do you think it was?
    Hell yah………..it was Gem!
    We did a quick catch up and then she was gone.
    But…..she gave me her contact and told me how to contact you!
    What a delight!
    I will be in Vancouver this fall and I would love to get together with you and have a glass or two, see your art, laugh and just shoot the poo!
    Sounds like you are doing amazing things.
    I would love to hear from you.
    Sending you huge hugs.

  20. Elizabeth Austin
    August 26, 2014

    Curious-as I just bought one of your cards at RED HORSES in West Vancouver and only noticed your name when I went to send it. I am married to Laurence Solsberg, one of VERY few
    persons in Canada with that surname. His family came to Toronto in the early 1900’s from Poland and no-one i sure about the origin of the name. We have been in BC since 1985, and I have heard of a Saltzberg family in North Vancouver (the wife Paula Brook wrote for the SUN) but no Salsbergs.
    Have you any info about the name background?
    Incidentally I love my card- a girl on a park bench with an inset map of the Pamir Knot area of Asia; my grade 11 Geography teacher used to rave about the Fergana Valley in that part of the world – I am sending the card to my former boarding school room-mate who was in that class and later got a BA in Geography. Small world!

  21. Scott moore
    September 19, 2014

    Are you guys on cardsapp? I want to add your card, thank you

  22. Circle Craft
    September 23, 2014

    Hi Risa,
    I have a cheque for you for the cards you dropped off at Circle Craft store, but I do not have an address to send it to.

    Please send your contact information to kathryn@circlecraft.net

    thank you!


  23. Nuri & Julietta Eton Street
    November 26, 2014

    Hi Risa,

    Hope you and Gem are doing well. Will you please contact me when you have a chance.
    Take care,
    ps: the building looks lonely without its warm inhabitants that bring life to it.


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