My art practice is a daily devotion. I draw and create my work every day. There is no separation between life and art. I work intuitively. I think creatively. I am always looking and composing, engaging in the moment and gathering sensibility for the compositions that filter through me – the day, the daily journal, the visual conversation. I make things. I like making things. It’s as simple as that. Yet… I work with depth, dedication and insight into myself and the simplicity within this complex world. I work with materials that I find and gather. I work with pen and ink and pencil. I work with paper.

My true love is paper. I gather paper and fibres as a farmer gathers seeds. Paper is a surface to work on, a source of hues, a material to sculpt and a fibre defiant with texture. Am I a textile artist? Am I a poet? Am I an illustrator? Is there any separation in the vicinity of ‘making’? You must look. You must see for yourself and engage in my visual conversation. And decide what stories arise in you. It’s not just my own story that I am drawing. It is a place for your stories to emerge as well.

And so – it begins with a blank piece of paper that is calm as a still pool of water. To draw is to begin with one mark made, one pebble tossed. And the essence begins as a ripple.